The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan

As the CCO enters a new era, so too does Page. This plan leads us into the new era — one that presents new opportunities for Page itself and the profession we serve.

Our DNA: What We Do & Why



To strengthen the impact of chief communication officers and their teams and to lead the profession into the future



To create community among the world’s senior communication leaders to help them improve business and society



To be the global organization with the most pioneering thinking and influence on communication leadership

Our future:


The 2024-2026 Strategic Plan has seven organizational goals that will be the areas of greatest focus.

How we will get there:


The stronger our community, the more enriching the membership experience.

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Strengthening the impact of CCOs requires that we be a force for driving the profession forward.

The seven organizational goals

  1. Achieve meaningful DIVERSITY in Page and Page Up.
  2. Deepen member BONDING to strengthen the community and the relationships within it.
  3. Increase the SHARING of knowledge and advice between members.
  4. Continue progress toward being a more INTERNATIONAL association.
  5. Make the value of membership accessible through DIGITAL.
  6. Use pioneering thinking to expand our sphere of INFLUENCE.
  7. PREPARE CCOs and their teams to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Building the Page community


Grow and diversify the Page and Page Up communities.

The goal is not just numerical growth but to become a more inclusive, diverse, and internationally connected association for senior communication leaders.

Strengthen the connections and relationships within our community.

We aim to enhance member connections through data and technology. We will facilitate interactive matchmaking capabilities while promoting member-driven connections.

Increase the sharing of knowledge and advice between members.

We will use technology as well as group facilitation methods to enhance peer connection and knowledge sharing in both in-person and virtual settings.

Drive inclusion and belonging so members feel welcome, heard, seen and part of a tight-knit group.

We will enhance inclusivity and diversity by focusing on member bonding, tracking feelings of belonging, and ensuring equal welcome for all.

Elevating the profession

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Provide bold, visionary thought leadership to guide the profession.

We plan to study the evolving role of the CCO, now expanded to also focus on areas such as sustainability, HR, public affairs, and marketing.

Deliver learning and practical resources to strengthen CCO leadership.

We will provide practical tools and information, including benchmarking reports and explore additional resources such as team structure blueprints and strategic discussion guides.

Be a more prominent voice in discussions within and about the profession.

The goal is to establish the CCO as a key business leader by actively participating in discussions on business and professional challenges.

Forge new partnerships to expand our sphere of influence in the business community.

With CCOs expanding collaboration with functions like sustainability, HR, marketing, and public affairs, we will develop new programs in partnership with organizations representing leaders in these areas.

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