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Every organization has its own living, breathing culture. Bad cultures cost money and lost opportunity. The C-Suite needs a deep understanding of the strategic value of culture and the personal and financial investment required to foster the right culture for the organization. Good cultures become competitive differentiators.  

The CCO’s connection to brand and purpose and view across multiple stakeholders brings unique value to culture management, whether as a leader or a key partner along with other senior leaders. This Guide offers a blueprint for CCOs and their teams to enable strong enterprise cultures and establish a culture management system.

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A healthy organizational culture creates an environment in which employees can flourish, learn and, most critically, grow in support of achieving strategic outcomes. Any organization in the 21st century would find it hard to argue that a multistakeholder approach, agility and data-driven shouldn’t be cultural hallmarks. Culture becomes a competitive asset and strategic differentiator, an engine for inclusive problem-solving, accountability, attracting and retaining top talent, quicker cycles of innovation and speed to market, etc.

Videos and voices
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Executive in Residence
Yale School of Management
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Diversity Action Alliance
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Emily Goodson
Workplace Culture Advisor & Author
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Global Head of Public Affairs & CCO
Kite Pharma
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Peter Debreceny
Vice President, International
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David Mounde
Deverille Executive Search
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Rita Men
Associate Professor, Department of PR
University of Florida
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